Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The New Normal

Day to day I start to see new things that I once found to be normal but now as I live a Christian life style I start to realize how much of this so called "normal lifestyle" is really not normal at all. As a mother of a 1 year i can't imagine what this world would be like when my daughter is a teenager in high school. I notice how technology has taken over the youth how they can't live without a phone but mind you they don't work nor do they need to run a business but most have to much access to the internet on a daily basis and live through it. Many worship music artist and will do anything to be able to go to a convert but many will miss service on Sunday and sadly enough many have never given there life to Christ. Let an NBA star bring out a new pair of shoes, people will camp out outside of a store and wait for hours and pay a ridiculous amount of money but won't tithe or ever serve to do good for others or there church.
Last time I check God gave his only son to die at the cross for our sins (john3:16); he deserves the honor. If you can stand in line for hours to buy shoes then you can go to service on Sunday for a few hours and worship him. Parents allow there young children to listen to secular music with horrible messages. Why does a 3 year old need to know songs the speak of sexual things when they don't even know what they are singing. This is the message that we are imbedding in young children's life. So many things that once were frowned upon are becoming normal and then we wonder what is going on in this world. I for one feel that it's time that we stand up for what is right. I am not here to please others, I am here to please God, my lord and savior. Stop allowing the world to run your life and start showing the world the way that the Lord has taught us. Do what's right and not what others do. Raise this worlds future generation how to make a difference. Lastly worship who deserves the worship. You can go to a concert or buy expensive shoes but once you leave the concert or those NBA stars shoes get worn out then what's really left? God will live on with you forever.