Thursday, July 26, 2012

The bible is the guide to our every day life

How amazing , the more that I read the bible I realize that the bible is our manual, but instead of just pushing it aside and thinking we can do it on our own; live life on our own. We need to realize that one verse will be the answer we need to get through every day living. Its amazing how god put every thing that we may go through on one book. Through him we must realize that we are for given, loved and saved
I think it's incredible to know that he protects us. And no matter what we maybe going through if we go to him he will take care of the situation. He said it him self "no weapons formed against us shall prosper." A man of god has the power in there hands. A man of god has the word of god , the promise of god as there MANUAL, god also said that any "tongue that wants to speak against you shall be condemned".(Ouch!!) now if that is not assuring I don't know what is. Gods love will carry us smoothly through life as long as we BELIEVE,SEEK,WORSHIP and HONOR him then we live through him. Letting go and diverting in another direction is dangerous. Me and my house will serve the Lord. Gods miracles are only beginning.Testimonies will follow, blessing will pour and our love for you Lord will only get stronger.

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