Thursday, September 27, 2012

Be Motivated to Succeed

Allowing your self to do the best and beyond your ability is a skill that many of us have and can achieve but unfortunately we lack the thrive to reach for the stars. For example Steve Jobs, this man gave his all into a company that even after his death this company is still alive. He will be remembered in history for all his achievement and all that he accomplished. But the only reason that he made it as far as he did was because of his determination and hunger for success . I for one have the kind of determination of Steve Jobs and I know and will declare success and an amazing thriving business that will succeed and will bring many others to success. We weren’t put on this earth to just settle or to just be content with what we have. We were created to overcome achieve and to be as prospers as possible. Whether it be through work or whether it be through other actions we are suppose to do things to the best of our abilities. To be prosperous to be successful and to help others be successful as well. If God just settled and did not push forward would we even be here. So lets work hard and set goals and each day have a check list of what we need to achieve that day. Lets stop being negative and lets start looking at new opportunities as a pathway to success. When I am brought a new opportunity last thing that I say is that its impossible because nothing is impossible and through my faith and my knowledge of what I know I can do. Anything I do will be prosperous and nothing will fail. Because I will not accept failure in my life and if I fail I will try again and I will be successful. Don’t give up , if you fall stand back up try again and you will come to a point that you will always realize that everything in life is possible. Be encouraged empowered to be better and to lead your family and friends to a better place of mental stability. I know life is hard and we all have so much going on but just think about a few hours in your day that you know that you can fit in some time to motivate yourself and to try out a new venture. Just think what an hour of dedication in doing something new can do. It may allow you to get rid of that 9-5 and just work for yourself. And the rest is up to you to imagine, write your goals, what kind of car to you wish you had, what kind of house do you dream of, what vacation do you wish you can take. WRITE YOUR GOALS!!!!! And everyday that goes by review them and make a plan so that you can reach each and everyone of these goals.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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