Friday, September 28, 2012

What Ever You Do, DONT QUIT


I know life can be challenging at times, i know everybody goes thru situations in life. We have all faced financial difficulties, we have all come from broken homes, some may be living in depression or anxiety, husband just got laid off of his job, sometimes it seems that the future is scary and with out hope, or sometimes we are afraid to look in the mirror because all we see is disappointment. Well I am here to tell you that you are more then a conqueror, and I’m here to break the wall of insecurities or despair in your life. Its to create paradigm shift. Ladies its all about changing your mindset, if you say you can then you can. It doesn’t matter who wrote you off, who gave up on you, who abandoned you, your past is in the past. What ever you believe you can achieve. Im here to declare that the best days are ahead of you, your future is bright, and if you learn to put god first, you will get all the desires of your heart and more, God will over exceed your expectations. I am a living , breathing testimony. Your time to win is now, get up and move towards your destiny. There is a success giant inside of you , and if you can believe it you will give birth to abundance. Look yourself in the mirror and speak success into your life, look your self as the queen that god has made you to be. You are not a failure , you are not a disappointment, today you can write your future and walk into your god given destiny, Maybe you are reading this and saying, I’m to much in a mess, my life is over, my family abandoned me, my mistake is to big. Guess what , prayer can change things(trust me) and if you are brave enough to trust god, you will see how he will restore the things that you lost and give you the future that you hoped for (jer 29:11). So today repeat after me. I am Victorious, Not a victim. I am successful, not a disappointment. I am strong, I am not weak. I can do all things that I put my mind to do. I have the favor and approval of god over my life. I am more then a conqueror.... If you can repeat this everyday and believe it you will see how things will shift in your life.. God is love..(.Drops the microphone)

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