Monday, October 1, 2012

Who are the evil step sisters in your life

Who are the people who try to discourage you try to let you feel as if you cant reach your goals , the ones that tell you that your dreams are impossible and that achieving them will probably never happen. I am sure we have had one or two of those unfortunate people in our life. For example Elvis was once told that he had no “TALENT“, Walt Disney was fired and told that he lacks “ CREATIVY” , The author of Harry Potter J. K. Rowling was told that no one will ever be interested in wizards and that she will never make it as an author. Well she is the first author to become a BILLIONAIRE. Imagine if they listened to those evil step sisters, you would have never heard of them and they would have never known what would be possible for there life’s. Thankfully they realized how valuable there talented was and just pushed forward. So let me ask you this are you pushing forward or do you think that your evil “step sister’ are right? Is it possible that you may not be able to reach your dreams or be successful or have a marriage that shines and is amazing. Or that what ever it is that you are hoping for will never happen? Or what ever situation may just never come to pass?

What ever goal it may be that you are looking to achieve it is all possible because God is for us, Romans 8: 31 “ What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Now you have it right there, clearly written if God is for you then who cares about who is against you. Who cares about those negative people in your life. Now if you put your 100% effort and are motivated you can do all things. I have had a lot of ideas and unfortunately because I was told that my ideas where no good I didn’t invest in them and I felt as if I dumb, unfortunately two of my ideas do exists today. That’s why I know that if I would’ve put my mind into it and not listened to anyone I would’ve had my name on those inventions. Thankfully I finally stood tall and started a business and as my business is growing and my families life is changing I realized that when we started our business many people put our ideas down many discouraged us and many told us we will never make it. But we decided to just prove to everyone that with motivation and with God we can do all things. We didn’t allow evil “Step Sisters” to discourage or take our dreams away. We achieved our dreams and are still working on making many more dreams happen in our life’s. We took the chance and tried on that glass slipper not knowing whether it would fit or not. We are determined and no one can get in the way of our dreams except the lord only he can tell us what is right or wrong for our life’s. Remember you can do anything you put your mind to. You can achieve the most impossible dream , you can be what you want to be. Remember that the enemy just wants to steal and kill and destroy your dreams John 10:10.

Live the life you choose to live, if we did it you can do it. If we achieved our dreams after being discouraged so many times then you can make it happen as well. No one can stop you from doing something that you really want to do. The only way they can stop you is if you allow them to. So go on be successful whether you are after riches or after a successful marriage or you want to recover from something you have been through you can do it. Your life is what you make of it , its not about your circumstances. Over come the obstacles and trust me if you push forward all things are possible.


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